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FOX News
Feb 7, 2013 10:00pm PST
education, knowing what i think your values are, kihave your word that you -- can i have your word that you will be very forthcoming with this committee to speak truth to power, to speak truth about power and even when it's uncomfortable, where we have to probe in a way that is not an easy way to go? >> former adviser to the president reagan, pat buchanan is here. do you have problems with the program to use drones to kill americans overseas if they are believed to be associated with al qaeda. >> vinever seen a bigger assort ion of imperial presidency than that. the president is claiming the right for himself and high-rank subordinates to identify what they consider a threat, imminent threat, the right to use a hell-fire missile to kill them, even if they are an american citizen. i have never heard of this before. i don't think it's going to stand. i think the congress of the united states, which has the power over the declarations of war will get in on this. i think there has to be a judicial review when are you killing americans. >> what struck me, when you talked about richard nixon and
FOX News
Feb 1, 2013 10:00pm PST
. dismissed. >> greta: bernie started scribbling notes. >> our educated viewers will know what duty of care did the airlines owe this woman. she bought a ticket and she wasn't on the plane and died. she has a severe medical condition but why did the airlines owe her a duty of care? >> greta: wrongful death? maybe as to contract to provide a seat. she had a contract. >> i have a heart attack here now i can't sue fox news. >> look, the airline does not always have to make reasonable accommodations to someone who is ill. she was in europe. >> greta: why did they sell her a ticket then? >> just like they would sell to anybody else. >> she asked for two seats. >> the problem is more than that, the problem here was that the airline had no duty to accommodate her if she was medically ill she should have went to the doctors there in europe or sadly i'm sorry that she passed away. >> greta: meekle? >> ted just said it. here is a woman that is 407-pounds. an amputee. the airlines did they handle this properly? that is open to discussion. it is very emotional. but if she were that sick why did they he
FOX News
Feb 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
in this country to regain their confidence. we do it through education, innovation, workplace that allow working people to make their life work again. >> are you adopting or endor endorsed the dream act that marco rubio embraced. >> we have a difficult situation with immigration, we know that. i feel this country has never held a kid liable for what parents do. if we've got kids brought here due to no-fault of their own and find themselves here and know no other country as home then we ought to give them permanent legal residence and allow them the path to citizenship. >> earlier today on the senate floor, the colloquy between you and steny hoyer, sequestration, we put that in place thinking it was irrational and we'd address that in the last 14 months. that didn't happen and now the president wants to delay again. and what's going to happen with sequestration? >> this is just another example. the president as you know, has come forward and said, we've got to raise taxes and the answer every single time and keep taking more of the americans money without holding yourself accountable and that's w
FOX News
Feb 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
by every cia dra director. knowing your background and your education, and knowing what i think your values are and can i have your word you're going to be very swift coming to this committee to speak truth power, speak truth about power and even when it's uncomfortable where we're going to have to prove there's not an easy way to go. >> greta: former presidential advisor, do you have any problem with this drone program to kill americans overseas if it's thought that they are somehow associated with al-qaeda, or al-qaeda. >> i've never seen a better claim of-- the president of the united states is claiming the right not only for himself, but for high ranking subordinates what they consider in another country, the hell fire missile to kill them even if they're an american citizen. i've never heard of that before. i don't think it's going to stand. the congress will have to get in on this and i think a judicial review when you're killing americans abroad deliberately. >> greta: and coming out tomorrow, which of course, gave me a copy. richard nixon when he's interviewed by david frost and quo
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)